I'm Marten de Jongh,

a designer raised in the south of the Netherlands. Lived on the islands Curaçao and Mallorca, came back to build my career in the Dutch Design scene.

I had the privilege of working with companies such as ING, 9292, TU Delft, Wauw & Lulu and many more. I'm Founder & Creative Director at Oak & Morrow, co-founder of Beam Labs, former Senior Art Director at Fabrique.

This is our studio, Oak & Morrow, in the city center of Rotterdam,
A selection of my work
Wauw & Lulu ↦ All limited editions
Revivre ↦ Relive your moment
Mazda ↦ Car configurator
Beam Labs ↦ Screw it in and have fun
9292 ↦ Reist met je mee
ING.com ↦ Pitch
Q42 ↦ Book
Fabrique ↦ In the cloud
One of the products I'm currently working on:
Sfeer.io is giving you the possibility to create moods from your collected inspiration.